FERN Non-Superwash

  Fern is the next addition to my Home Grown Collection. A project I continue to strive to find high performing yarns, all sourced from US based farms and mills. 

  The yarn is a lofty 2 ply woolenspun, non superwash merino yarn. Rustic and full of character, while also possessing a little extra bit of softness. This wool is sourced from this farm's own sheep, scoured and then processed, and spun through their own, family owned mill.

  It arrives to me with the alluring lanolin aromas. It is given a little pre-soak before my dyeing process begins. I decided to begin with very classic and staple colorways for this yarn, planning to slowly add more colors as we transition into the cooler seasons. 


Fern Yarn Base Info:

100% Non superwash merino wool, all US sourced

2 ply, woolenspun

370 yards, 100 grams per skein