Michelle's Custom Listing
Michelle's Custom Listing
Sprigs and Stone

Michelle's Custom Listing

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Your custom listing is for all of the yarns needed to test crochet Hailey's Moth Ruana design! I attached the photo below of the kit, and yarn base info is also detailed below in this listing.

Please be sure to use your discount code TESTCROCHET20

Thank you again for your help and testing! Xx


Quantities included of each colorway are:

Mer-Yak Fingering:

4 skeins of Blanca Lake (main) $28.50 each

1 mini skein of Dark Chestnut Moth, 1 mini skein of Glacial Beginnings. $8.00 each

Suri Fluff:

1 skein of Moonlight  $27.00


Yarn Base Info:

Mer-yak Fingering

70% Superwash merino wool

20% Yak, 10% Nylon

3 ply

437 yards, 100 grams per skein


Suri Fluff:

74% Baby suri alpaca, 26% Silk

328 yards, 50 grams per skein