Somber Skies FERN Non Superwash
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Somber Skies FERN Non Superwash

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(periwinkle grey toned blue)


Fern is the second yarn base of my Homegrown collection. The primary goal of this ongoing project is to find and support US based farms and mills. To purchase their lovely yarns, hand dye them with intention and care, and share with you all. True labors of love and I hope you like them! 

Fern Yarn Base Info:

Heavy fingering 

100% Non superwash merino wool, all US sourced

2 ply, woolenspun

370 yards, 100 grams per skein


Due to the nature of hand dyeing yarns, colors may slightly vary per skein. I have done my very best to capture the color of the yarn as accurately as possible; however, colors may vary from monitor to monitor. After dyeing the yarn, I hand-wash the skeins in a Lavender Wool Wash. Though it is rinsed very thoroughly, chance of light bleeding can occur.